Acclaimed Director Abrar Hussain, who brought you One Day in The Haram, brings you this never before told narrative of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

One Night in Al-Aqsa gives an insight into one of the sacred, yet most mysterious sites in Islam. Al-Aqsa is a place of miracles, an incredible site with a rich history in Islamic tradition.

OnePath Network and Penny Appeal Australia invite you to this breath-taking documentary that shares the profound story of the Al-Aqsa compound, filmed during the last ten nights of Ramadan.


This special night will feature the screening of the One Night In Al-Aqsa film, as well as a fundraising presentation for Penny Appeal’s work and programs in Palestine. All donation proceedings will be going to the Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital in Jerusalem.

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SOLD OUT: Auburn | 22nd Feb | 3pm
SOLD OUT: Auburn | 23rd Feb | 3pm
SOLD OUT: Auburn | 23rd Feb | 6pm


Perth | 15th March | 3pm
SOLD OUT: Perth | 15th March | 7pm

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OnePath Network and Penny Appeal Australia are bringing One Night In Al-Aqsa to cinemas across Australia. If you would like to see the film screened in your local city, please fill out the form below.

Support the Makassed Hospital

The people of Palestine need quality medical care. Unfortunately, 17 hospitals, 56 primary healthcare facilities, and 45 ambulances have been destroyed in Gaza alone!

Penny Appeal are supporting the Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital in East Jerusalem, which is the largest Palestinian non-profit, non-governmental organisation. Since 1968, Makassed has grown into the leading medical centre in Palestine, equipped with 256 beds and 13 different wards.

The Makassed Hospital is also the only Palestinian healthcare facility providing access to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which Penny Appeal is expanding so more premature babies have a fighting chance of survival!

Donate below to help Penny Appeal support Neonatal, independent healthcare in partnership with the Makassed Hospital.

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